Agnieszka Kazmierczak is the owner of unSkRiPTEd deSigN. Aga, as she is known by her nick name, is a designer with a background in interdisciplinary design studies.  Having lived in Poland, Italy, Canada and the United States, her design style was heavily influenced by being exposed to so many different cultures throughout her life.  Loving color, unique combinations and textures, she prefers mixing rare and unusual flowers with gorgeous classic pieces while still maintaining an instinctual balance with form and texture.  Her goal with every client is straight forward and sincere: have a clear understanding of their needs and deliver a high quality product that is beautifully designed and best captures the customer’s needs with a unique and elevated conceptual approach.


“For me, designing is as much about intuition as execution.  My best work comes when I have an intuitive understanding and connection with what a client is looking for or trying to create.  I love taking an idea from a client, and integrating it with my own perceptions and creativity.  When that happens, something original and genuine comes through in the design.  My focus is on the details, whether small or large, as I feel that makes all the difference in executing a vision and delivering an exceptional product.”


Agnieszka is passionate about sourcing the highest quality and freshest products directly from local growers.  She feels fortunate to have developed close relationships with the best floral growers and suppliers in one of the most fertile and productive areas in the world, which just happens to surround her home in Carmel Valley, California. 


Aga’s design experience includes working in couture fashion, set design, displays and product development.   Her weekly changing displays can be experienced at Bernardus Lodge & Spa.  Her past clients include Sacks Productions, Post Ranch Inn, McLaren car group, Mercedes-Benz and many other private events.